Sheffield Population 2024

Sheffield population

Sustaining the status of a city and a metropolitan borough, Sheffield is among the top 10 most populous cities of UK, with a population over 580,000. Sheffield is located in the South Yorkshire, England. Sheffield has gained the nickname of Steel City for its developmental innovations towards production of steel including the stainless steel, which has contributed varied prominent developments in industries.

Based on our research, Sheffield population will reach 606,654 by 1st July of 2024. We use first day of July each year due to Office for National Statistics (ONS) normally publishes the estimated population data for the same period. The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 0.76% over last 12 years since 2011. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate.

Population Growth of Sheffield

The city of Sheffield incorporates a large number of landmarks like Sheffield Cathedral, Town Hall, Central Hall and Graves Art Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Museum, etc. Therefore, the city of Sheffield managed to get a large number of tourists every year.

With rapid city developments, a large number of foreign populace comes to Sheffield by business and other different purposes. These people settle in Sheffield temporarily or permanently. Thus, the population of Sheffield is increasing consistently

Over the past 11 years, the growth rate of Sheffield has enhanced inconsistently from 0.45% to 1.10%, adding up around 2,499 to 6,099 number of individuals to the populace each year.

Year Population Growth Rate
2011 549,690 n/a
2012 552,189 0.45%
2013 558,288 1.10%
2014 563,794 0.99%
2015 569,294 0.98%
2016 573,181 0.68%
2017 576,690 0.61%
2018 581,018 0.75%
2019 585,638 0.80%
2020 589,810 0.79%
2021 594,320 0.76%
2022 598,054 0.63%
2023 602,070 0.67%

Demographics of Sheffield

In the census of UK 2011, it came to know that by gender, 51% of the Sheffield population is females and 49% of the population is males. The normal age of people in Sheffield is 38.

White people make 86.7% from the population of Sheffield. Out of which 84% of the White people are White British, 0.5% are White Irish, 0.1% of the populace are Gypsy and 2.3% are Other White.

8% of the population are Asians, among which 4% belongs to Pakistan, 1.1% of populace is made up by Indians, 1.3% are Chinese, 0.6% are from Bangladesh and 1.0% are Other Asians.

Black people make 3.6% from the Sheffield populace, out of which 2.1% belongs to Africa, 1% is Caribbean and 0.5% are Other Black. 1.5% of the population belongs to Arab countries and 0.7% is of other ethnic heritage.

Living in Sheffield, 92.2% of the populace speaks English language. 0.9% of the people converse through Arabic, 0.8% speaks various Chinese languages, 0.8% of the people make communication via Urdu, 0.5% exchange talks through Polish, 0.4% speaks Somali, 0.3% are Bengali speakers, 0.2% speaks Slovak and 0.2% make conversation through Persian/Farsi language.

By religion, 52.5% of the Sheffield population practices the religion of Christianity. Atheists make up 30.7% of the Sheffield population, 7.7% of the populace includes the follower of Islamic religion, Hindu make up 0.6% of the populace, 0.4% of people believes in Buddhism, 0.2% is Sikh and 0.1% is Jewish.

Population Density of Sheffield

The density of population of Sheffield is 4,094 inhabitants per Km2 , which makes it one of the most populous cities in England and United Kingdom.

Facts About Sheffield

  1. Unlike all the other cities of UK, Sheffield has a National Park, Peak District National Park, inside its boundary. One third of area of Sheffield is inside this National Park.
  2. Five Noble Prize winners, one Olympic gold medalist and the first female astronaut of Britain, were the former student of the University of Sheffield.
  3. Incorporating more than 2 million trees, Sheffield has gained the rank of the greenest city of UK.
  4. Established in 1857, the Sheffield F.C has become the oldest football club of the world.
  5. Sheffield has been recognized as the Steel City for its contribution in the production of stainless and other steels.
  6. The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield City Centre, has been hosting the World Snooker Championship and other leading tournaments of snooker.
  7. Sheffield has its own Walk of Fame, known as the Hollywood Boulevard of Yorkshire.
  8. Sheffield comprises five twin towns namely Chengdu and Anshan(China), Bochum(Germany), Donetsk(Ukraine) and Esteli(Nicaragua).
  9. Sheffield incorporates about 170 timberlands, 78 public parks and 10 public gardens.
  10. The Sheffield Ski Village is counted among the largest man-made ski resorts of the world.


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