Bristol Population 2024

Bristol population

The city has a population over 450,000, making it the 10th largest county in UK. Known as the biggest flowing community currency of UK, Bristol, a metropolitan borough, is the 12th largest city in the United Kingdom by area. The county is situated in the South West England.

Bristol is known for its several marvelous and wonderful landmarks that attract a large number of tourists every year. When travelling to Bristol, one can never forget to visit the Bristol Harbour, where you may discover a number of enchanting and eminent boats like a museum ship, SS Great Britain and other historical ships on display. The other landmarks that are must to visit, include Clifton Suspension Bridge, Wills Memorial Building, Cabot Bristol and so on.

Our analysts have predicted that the population of Bristol will increase to 465,155 by July 2024. The calculation was predicted by taking 0.43% as average growth rate over the last 12 years. For your ease, we have developed a table of the Bristol population since 2011 to 2022 (see next section).

Population Growth of Bristol

Considering the population of the city in the past twelve years, the growth rate is strong and consistent and it varies from 0.24% to 0.69%. This means around 1,050 to 3,100 people are added to the population every year.

Bristol incorporates two universities, the University of Bristol and University of the West of England. Both universities are counted among the top 10 universities of England. Bristol also comprises numerous arts and sports institutions and places including the Royal West of Academy, the Arnolfini, Ashton Gate, Spike Island and so forth. Thus, a large amount of foreign youngsters immigrates to Bristol, as students for academic and sports-based training, which contributes the population growth.

Year Population Growth Rate
2011 440,000 n/a
2012 441,050 0.24%
2013 442,400 0.31%
2014 443,500 0.25%
2015 446,200 0.61%
2016 449,300 0.69%
2017 450,940 0.37%
2018 452,290 0.30%
2019 454,074 0.39%
2020 456,242 0.40%
2021 458,330 0.46%
2022 460,860 0.55%
2023 463,170 0.50%

Demographics of Bristol

According to the UK Census 2011, 50% of the populace of Bristol is based on females and 50% on males. In Bristol, the standard age of people is 36.

By race, 84% of the populace of Bristol includes White people in which 77.9% are British White, 0.9% are White Irish, 0.1% are Gypsy and 5.1% are other White. Asians make up 5.5% of the Bristol population, among which 1.6% belongs to Pakistan, 1.5% is Indian, 0.9% of Bristol populace is Bangladeshi and only 1% is Other Asians.

Black people make up 6% of the Bristol population, among which 2.8% of Black populace is African, 1.6% is Caribbean and 1.6% is Other Black. 0.3% of Bristol populace belongs to Arab countries, 3.6% of the populace is from mixed-race and 0.6% is from other countries of the world.

91.5% of the population living in Bristol converse through English language, 1.5% speaks Polish, 1.2% make conversation via Somali, Chinese languages are spoken by 0.4 of the populace, 0.3% of the populace exchange information through Urdu, 0.3% through French, 0.3% through Spanish, 0.3% speaks Punjabi, 0.3% of the Bristol populace converse via Arabic and 0.2% speaks Bengali language.

By Religion, 46.8% of the Bristol populace is Christian, 36.6% have no religion, 5.1% is Muslim, 0.6% makes Hindu, 0.6% is Buddhist, 0.5% follows Sikhism, 0.2% is the follower of Judaism and 0.1% believes in Agnosticism.

Population Density of Bristol

The population density of Bristol is 3,599 people per square kilometer, making it the 7th largest population density containing city in United Kingdom.

Facts About Bristol

  1. Founded in 1766, Theatre Royal is the second oldest theatre in the United Kingdom.
  2. 25% of the nature documentaries of the world have been produced in Bristol and many of them are featured by the legend Sir David Attenborough.
  3. Ribenawas discovered at the National Fruit and Cider institute in Bristol. Due to the high concentration of Vitamin C, it was given a green sign to be marketed.
  4. A clock at the entrance of The Exchange building at Corn Street shows two times, the black minute hand shows London time and the red hand displays Bristol time.
  5. The first company in the world, to manufacture chocolate bars and chocolate Easter eggs, is Fry’s Chocolate in Bristol.
  6. The Bristol Basin, in Lower Manhattan, was built by rubble from the city after the World War II.
  7. Bristol produces largest number of air balloons, than any other place in the world. It also hosts the largest balloon festival of Europe.
  8. Bristol has been ranked as the Best City to in Britain by the Sunday Times, Best Places to Live Guide 2017.
  9. Located in Broadmead, John Wesley’s New Room, is the oldest Methodist church in the world.
  10. The University of Bristol is counted among the world’s top universities and accommodates a total of 400,000 students.


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