Birmingham Population 2024

Birmingham population

Birmingham has a total population of over 1.3 million. This figure makes Birmingham, one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom. Maintaining the status of Metropolitan borough, City of a thousand trades, Birmingham is located in the West Midlands, England. The city is thought to be the second most prominent city of UK after London.

In the late 17’s, Birmingham was famed as the most developing town in the world. The city succeeded to maintain this fame till 1939. In 1940, Germans assaulted the city by perilous bombardments and the city had to face serious circumstances. However, the city recovered with fast pace and today, Birmingham has the highest GDP rate of 121.1 billion dollars in the United Kingdom, after London.

Our analysts have predicted that the population of Birmingham will increase to 1.493 million in 2024. The arithmetic is based on the growth rate of 2.98% from the last 12 years.

Population Growth of Birmingham

Birmingham accommodates a large number of attractive and enchanting sights. These sights include Birmingham Museum, National Sea life, the exclusive Birmingham science Museum and so forth. The exclusive six Universities of Birmingham have been asserted as one of the largest academic institutions for secondary education around the globe. Thus, Birmingham receives a large number of tourists and foreign students.

Over the last twelve years, the growth rate of Birmingham altered from about 0.98% to 3.77%. According to this growth rate, around 10,000 to 40,000 people are summed up to the total number of population.

Year Population (million) Growth Rate
2011 1.02 n/a
2012 1.03 0.98%
2013 1.06 2.91%
2014 1.10 3.77%
2015 1.14 3.64%
2016 1.18 3.51%
2017 1.22 3.39%
2018 1.26 3.28%
2019 1.30 3.17%
2020 1.338 2.60%
2021 1.378 2.99%
2022 1.41 2.32%
2023 1.45 2.84%

Demographics of Birmingham

According to the UK Census 2011, 51% of the population of Birmingham comprises females and the remaining 49% males. The ordinary age of residents is 35.

UK Census 2011 enlightened that 57.9 percent of population in Birmingham was White in which 53.7 percent of White belonged to the Great Britain, 2.1% was Irish White, 2.7% of White relates to various countries.

Asians filled up 26.6% of the Birmingham population. 13.5% of the population belonged to Pakistan, 6% was from India, Bangladeshis made up to 3% of the total populace, 1.2% of the Chinese populated the Birmingham and other Asians populated 2.9% of Birmingham populace. Blacks made up 8.9% of the Birmingham population from which 4.4% were Caribbean, 2.6% were Africans and 1.7% was other Blacks.

English is the first language spoken by 84.7% of the population. After English, 2.9% of the population speaks Urdu, Punjabi is being spoken by 2.1% of population, 1.4% of people speaks Bengali, 1.1% of the residents converse in Pakistani Pahari, Polish makes up 0.90% in the language ratio, Somali is being spoken by 0.8%, 0.7% of people communicates in Arabic, 0.6% goes up with Pashto and 4.8% speaks other languages.

According to the UK Census 2011, in Birmingham, Christianity is the largest religion being followed, with 46.1% of followers. Muslims make 21.8% of the populace, 19.3% of the residents are atheists, 3.0% are Sikhs, 2.1% are Hindus, Buddhists covered up 0.4% of population, 0.2% of the residents practice Judaism and 0.5% belong to other religions.

Population Density of Birmingham

Excluding London, Birmingham is the largest district authority city in the UK. The city holds population density of 10,391 people per square mile.

Facts About Birmingham

  1. Birmingham is counted among the most visited cities of UK with the arrival of around 34 million passengers every year.
  2. The borough incorporates 40% of the population below the age of 25. This makes it one of the most youthful cities of Europe.
  3. As shopping is the best way to cast a glance on the region’s culture and art, most passengers are always in search of shops where they may find their desired culture-casting items. Birmingham’s Bullring is one of the most ancient and the largest purchasing centers in the entire UK.
  4. The Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham manufactures 40% of the jewelry being used in the whole UK.
  5. Many popular companies like Cadbury Chocolate, Bournville Drinking Chocolate, Typhoo Tea, etc. were originated from Birmingham.
  6. The theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome, has been declared as the busiest theatre enthralling 520,000guests every year.
  7. When it comes to nature, Birmingham is being recognized as the greenest city of the UK, incorporating woodlands of about 8,000 acres, including 600 open spaces and parks.
  8. The top universities of Birmingham are an educational shelter of around 73,000 pupils.
  9. The exclusive place, where you may hunt the basic three elements for steel i.e. limestone, coal and iron ore within a radius of ten miles, is Birmingham.
  10. Birmingham is the home to the most ancient baseball stadium, Rickwood Field.


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